Your Creative & Steelcase team is committed to help you advance the way you live, learn and work.  Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many organizations are being challenged to work in new ways, with many remote workers.  To aid in this transition, we have assembled a range of resources aimed at making this sudden transition a little easier, healthier, and more productive.

Architecture & Design Community Continuous Learning Resources

Every space is a learning space, even online!  As many Architecture & Design firms have discontinued in-person meetings in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have partnered with Steelcase to feature 4 live, online learning opportunities for our local Architecture and Design partners. Each of these sessions is 45-60 minutes long.

  1. What’s New Winter 2020: Say “hello” to a more collaborative workplace!  Learn more about our amazing new product introductions in this live, interactive session.
  2. Steelcase Marketplace 101: Planning and specifying spaces should be inspiring and easy. The Steelcase Marketplace tool gives you access to new and unique brands while making your job simpler, saving time and bringing together project teams – beautifully.  Learn how to add rocket fuel to your design process in this live webinar.
  3. CEU | Ancillary that Perform and Inspire: In this live, CEU webinar, you ‘ll learn how inspiring, high-performance ancillary spaces help leading organizations attract talent, enhance collaboration and build the bottom line.
  4. CEU | Biophilia, Wellness and the Visual Environment: In this course, attendees will gain an understanding of the concept of biophilia, and learn how biophilic design principles can be employed in an interior.
  5. Presentation Skills Workshop: The ability to clearly communicate is an essential ability for architects and designers.  In this live, interactive webinar, you’ll learn tips and tricks for honing your presentation skills.

To schedule a virtual live learning session, contact your local Creative/Steelcase A&D team:

  • Ryan Mayton | Creative – 804.228.7451 or
  • Jason Van Beusecum | Steelcase – 330.354.9316 or
  • Scott Wilson | Steelcase – 202.256.4092 or
  • Susan Weiler Lewis | Steelcase – 919.815.5097 or

Additionally, for those focused on the healthcare market, there are many amazing online webinars available through the Center for Health Design.  You can find those here.

Ongoing Project Support

We understand that current conditions may impact timing and requirements for your projects.  Here are some resources to help you during this challenging time.

  1. Lead Times will be effected during this time and could change more frequently then normal.  Feel free to contact your account manager or inquire here about current lead times.
  2. Product Storage is available in the event that your job site is not ready for installation.  Please contact your account manager or inquire here about current lead times.
  3. Quick Ship options are available for those who need product urgently.  You can view our quick ship options here. Please contact your account manager or inquire here about our quick ship options.
  4. Work-From-Home Solutions for employees are available through These solutions have been tested and approved for consumer / home use and packaging has also been optimized for direct to client shipping.
  5. Steelcase Marketplace is an excellent resource for architects and designers.  Visit marketplace to help plan your project, download REVIT files and images, and use the spreadsheets and collaborative tools to work remotely and communicate with colleagues and clients.

While You Are Working From Home

  1. Additionally, while many employees are working from home, it’s an excellent time to take advantage of Creative’s upholstery cleaning capabilities.  Click here to inquire about our services.
  2. While working from home, it’s important to maintain best practices for ergonomics.  

For the Kids

We understand that everyone – including our kids – are adjusting to the sudden change in routine.  We have a few ideas to help keep the young people engaged and entertained!

  1. We’ve assembled a list of great kid-friendly, educational websites here.
  2. Creative & Steelcase Coloring Contest.  Steelcase and Creative trucks are often seen all over town.  For kids 12 and under, we’ve created a coloring contest – weekly winners will be drawn randomly from all entries and will win great prizes, delivered directly to your home.  Simple download this page, color it, take a pic and post to Instagram, tagging @creativeworklab.  Winners will be announced on Fridays at 8 AM.