How We Work

How We Work

JUST POSTED!  Check out Creative’s 360-degree indoor tour, courtesy of Google maps!  Click here for an amazing view of our space!

The worlds of workplace interiors and technology are converging. One of Creative’s unique value propositions is our Workplace Interiors & Technology capabilities. Unlike other organizations that offer individual the individual components of furnishings, technology, and architectural products, our company blends them all into one unique and totally integrated way. This simplifies your life, by reducing the number of vendors you have to work with and coordination. And more importantly, our WIT approach results in superior performance for you. Our solutions are truly greater than the sum of their individual parts.

We have a unique design methodology called UOBMIA that helps us to identify your business challenges, explore a wide range of potential solutions, execute flawlessly, and insure that the solutions are adopted and understood by your people:

  • Understand:
      The foundation of a successful project is a clear understanding of your underlying business challenges. Early on, our team will work with you to identify key challenges measures of success.
  • Observe:
      We believe that through observation, insights into key patterns of behavior are born. How are people using the technology in your existing space? When and how are your meeting spaces being used? How often are people at their desks, and when they are, what are they doing? These and other questions can be explored through careful observation and documentation of existing conditions.
  • Brainstorm:
      Once your key issues and drivers are clearly identified, Creative believes in generating a wide variety of potential solutions. Sometimes the “crazy” idea is the best one. We have a variety of tools and activities that we use to engage you in the brainstorming process.
  • Model:
      Creative has a number of industry-leading modeling tools that help bring ideas to life in the virtual realm. We have heavily invested in a technology platform that is used to develop, review and test solutions before their installation, avoiding surprises and unforeseen coordination issues.
  • Implement:
      Our team of professional project managers and installation staff will work with you to develop an implementation plan that insures the success of your project. You will receive daily progress reports, and any punch-related issues are resolved in real-time using our mobile technology platforms.
  • Assimilation:
      Once your project is flawlessly delivered, our team will work with you and your staff to insure that they understand how to use their new Workplace Interiors and Technology solutions. We believe and are committed to providing robust training for your people. Plus we can work with you to measure the outcomes of the project, insuring that your investment is realized.

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