With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to consider revamping your office environment. There are so many new and innovative ways to arrange your office that can promote productivity, engagement, and culture for your employees. Companies everywhere have been buzzing about office ergonomics and the effect it can have on employees and company success by extension.

The main part of an employee’s week is spent not only in the office, but at their desk specifically. Therefore, the atmosphere of the office itself and their desk setup is very important to the function of their day-to-day and their mental and physical health. It’s essential that you make sure your employees are comfortable and motivated. The company atmosphere and employee workspace have the ability to affect performance, sense of morale, motivation, productivity, a company’s image and more.

There are a few simple ergonomic changes that you can make to your office space this year to boost employee performance.Atmosphere

The natural lighting in an office plays a significant role in employee performance and satisfaction. A study conducted by the University of North Carolina determined that the exposure of natural light can improve the mood, energy, focus and productivity of employees. However,  a lot of offices tend to be closed off or dark, most likely in an attempt to limit distractions, which causes employees to become lethargic and subsequently unproductive.

Open environments also help to promote an engaging, active and productive office atmosphere. An open office environment allows the opportunity for employees to collaborate and engage with one another regularly. You can also arrange collaborative workspaces throughout the office, such as comfy couches and chairs to conduct meetings on. Employees will be more relaxed and comfortable in an environment like this! Ergonomic Furniture

Along with the atmosphere, ergonomic furniture plays a big role in a successful office environment. Employers can offer employees ergonomic office chairs, standing desks and desk accessories, which will help make them more productive during the workday.

Ergonomic chairs have the ability to better support employees’ backs, keeping them from slouching, hunching or leaning to a point that hurts their posture. They can also be adjusted to any height, which will allow employees to remain at eye level with their computer monitors, which further promotes good posture.

A standing desk allows employees to stand up and sit down throughout the day as they please. The ability to change positions and move around a little increases heart rate and blood flow, which helps employees stay alert and focused. If your company can’t provide each employee with a standing desk, you can purchase a few to place strategically around the office for employees to use when they need to.

Lastly, encourage employees to use desk accessories, such as an external mouse and keyboard and organizers. These simple items put everything within reach, thus reducing strain on wrists and arms.Technology Support and Power Access

Providing employees with technical support and power access will allow them to move around and feel more comfortable with the technology at their desks and in the office. Every desk should have monitor arms, laptop mounts and power access, and every employee should be encouraged to purchase a pair of blue light glasses. With these simple additions, employees will be able to easily move their monitors and chairs to remain eye level with devices, charge their devices anywhere within the office and protect their eyes from blue light emissions that radiate off of computer screens.

All of these ergonomic upgrades to your office are sure to encourage your employees to be more productive and focused this year. It will not only benefit them, but your entire company, as having a well-functioning office environment directly leads to a more successful company.