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Thank You To Our First …. And Second Responders

As we navigate these challenging and historic times, I think we’ve all gained a new appreciation for our first responders.   This group of dedicated servants not only includes emergency and medical care providers, but also grocers, delivery drivers, and innumerable others that help insure the continuity of our daily lives.   On behalf of Creative, I…

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Return to the New Normal

In the last week, the national conversation has pivoted to a return to a new normal, including a discussion about the short and long-term impacts on a return to the workplace.  Even though we’re still a little ways out from a full return, now is the time to begin preparing for this inevitability.  We’ve been…

Recharge Your Batteries

As our daily routines have been upended, I was reflecting on how we might take advantage of the recent changes to recharge our internal batteries.  You know, make lemonade out of life’s lemons.  I recently read a great a recent Inc. article highlighting some great ways for creative people to recharge their internal batteries.  Let’s…


Regarding COVID-19, Creative continues to monitor and follow guidance provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant government alerts.  We recognize that with the increasing outbreak reports that it presents a concern for business continuity and our health.  Creative has maintained our ability to function as a mobile unit with 90% of our employees…

Your New Year’s Resolutions for your Office

With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to consider revamping your office environment. There are so many new and innovative ways to arrange your office that can promote productivity, engagement, and culture for your employees. Companies everywhere have been buzzing about office ergonomics and the effect it can have on…

Emerging Trend | Office Pods

If you’ve been reading about the latest trends in office design, you’ve probably noticed the emergence of the “office pod.” These pods are small, freestanding rooms that are placed into open office space to support the need for focus, privacy and concentration in the workplace. Many of these pods are factory-built and quickly installed, eliminating…

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