Hello, Downtown Norfolk! Creative’s Coastal Virginia WorkLab has officially opened, and we’re over the moon about our new workplace experience.

A little backstory. Last year, with a potential long-term lease renewal on the table, Creative embarked on a journey of reflection, evaluation, and exploration. Leaders at Creative met with our Coastal Virginia team members to better understand what needs they had for a workplace. Together, we conducted a commute study to determine the optimal location for our office, balancing team member commutes with travel distances for our clients and partners. Reflecting on our emerging needs as a hybrid company, we decided to move to a new downtown Norfolk location, in the heart of the city.

After checking all the boxes that met our needs, we chose 500 East Main Street as the new home for the Creative Coastal Virginia WorkLab, and found a suite on the 14th floor that was just the right size. The panoramic views and the hustle and bustle of the downtown community gave off the right amount of energy we wanted in the workplace. We love how walkable our new home is, already attracting a few clients and partners to walk, or scooter, on over. Here are a few things that make our Coastal WorkLab unique:

  • Soft and Comfortable

    It was important to us that our space, while new, feels like a soft, comfortable home. We chose a soft, warm neutral materials palette, with accessories and artwork that acknowledge our urban-coastal community. No matter where you are in our space, you’ll find interesting artifacts that reference the historical, economic, and cultural importance of the Norfolk area.

  • Connection

    When visiting, guests enter through our Family Room, a space designed to support connections, conversations, and socialization. We created a warm, relaxed, home-like space that serves as a soft transition from the outside world into the office. Our communal Dining Area encourages teammates to enjoy shared meals.

  • Wellness

    We’ve prioritized wellness in our space. In addition to maintaining access to our amazing views throughout the space, we have built out a wellness room, complete with the option to engage all of the senses in relaxation and rejuvenation. All team members have an assigned height-adjustable desk, and access to quiet spaces for focus and concentration.  We’ve designed our space to help our team do their best work and be their best selves.’

  • Hybrid Collaboration

    Hybrid collaboration is here to stay. We’ve optimized spaces for individuals and small teams to engage in robust hybrid meetings with the best furniture, technology, and acoustic solutions, all working together to optimize the experience.

Come on over and visit – we would love to share our new space with you!