Hey there, design enthusiasts! Our team is excited to share a little about our experience at Neocon 2023, the ultimate gathering of architecture and design aficionados. This year’s event was spectacular! The overall vibe was buzzing with excitement, capturing the essence of the modern, hybrid workplace. Whether we were caught up in the hustle and bustle at the Merchandise Mart or enjoying the more relaxed ambiance at Fulton, Neocon 2023 had it all.

One of the standout features at Neocon 2023 was the strong emphasis on connectedness, community, and the creation of social spaces. We were pleased to see how many designs drew inspiration from residential spaces, offering a warm and inviting feel. What really caught our attention were the unique elements incorporated into the designs, such as zippers, leather pulls, caning, and metal mesh accents. These details added an authentic touch and brought loads of character to the products.

The atmosphere at Neocon 2023 was filled with optimism and energy. The vibrant colors, tubular metal structures, and a touch of 80s flair created an uplifting ambiance that sparked our creativity and enthusiasm. It was fascinating to see the fusion of tweedy feminine menswear with playful accents, which added a fresh and unexpected twist to the designs. Additionally, the smaller decorative accent lighting added a charming touch, while the layered and nested cocktail tables offered both style and functionality.

Neocon 2023 showcased some exciting solutions for hybrid meeting spaces. We were particularly impressed by the beautifully crafted meeting tables, many of which incorporated soft acoustic materials on the base, providing a smart solution for sound control. Expressed power was also a prominent theme, as designers made bold choices and played with unconventional layouts. Organic meeting table shapes, in particular, caught our attention, defying traditional norms and sparking curiosity.

THE Standouts

To sum it up, Neocon 2023 was an outstanding event that displayed the best of modern design and gave us a glimpse into the future of workspace aesthetics.  Here are a couple of our favorites from the show:

  • CarbonNeutral Product Certification for the Steelcase High-performance seating collection: As a global maker of products, Steelcase works hard to eliminate the inevitable emissions they produce across our manufacturing. Steelcase is on track to reduce its absolute emissions by 50% by 2030.  Steelcase has widened its CarbonNeutral® product certification options to include their best work chairs. This rigorous standard means they can bring you all the same essential ergonomics and quality while offsetting the carbon impact of the chair’s entire lifecycle.
  • Hightower Flote with Zipper Seam Inspired by the support, comfort, and ease of relaxing in a simple pool float, Hightower Studio’s Flote brings an instant sense of relief and lightness to any user. With an embracing seat, a contemporary-yet-timeless aesthetic, and inspiring details, Flote is a lounge chair in a league of its own.
  • Martin Brattrud LaDuna Banquette: Rounded over edges and radiused details soften the robust form of La Duna. Bases feature the same playful leg geometry, whether specified in wood or metal. Optional privacy screens of natural caning gently diffuse light and obscure the view. To explore even more color and pattern possibilities, swap the caning for perforated metal and select from multiple patterns and a wide range of powder coat colors. Optional sewn channeling adds texture and depth to seats or backs or both.
  • Okamura Lives Post + Beam The innovative “room-in-room” concept in Lives Post + Beam fosters enhanced communication and innovation within teams by creating intimate and cohesive dedicated spaces. Its flexible room configuration, enabled by sliding panels and a revolutionary rail system, allows for diverse spaces such as cozy cafes, brainstorming meeting spaces, and engaging workshop areas. With a wide range of design options and a modular design for easy repurposing, Lives Post + Beam is a versatile and long-lasting solution for dynamic and efficient workspaces.

And here are a couple of companies that we were introduced to this year that delighted us with their fresh, innovative approaches:

  • Bold Furniture – Bold Furniture was founded in 1999, in Spring Lake, Michigan, and has been growing from a small, upstart business into a full-fledged manufacturing powerhouse.  We love their unique, lighter-scaled storage furniture that incorporates visual screening.
  • func – func. is a proudly Australian company that’s delighted to bring our award-winning products to the world.  As part of func’s exciting expansion, all of their products are now designed and manufactured by their func.-tastic team in the US. So they’re just hours away from your next project!  We love their creative takes on mobile visual screens.

And be sure to check out these Best of NeoCON and Hip Award Winners:

Our team is ready to translate these amazing new products into applications that help your organization do its best work.  Reach out today to learn more!