As we navigate these challenging and historic times, I think we’ve all gained a new appreciation for our first responders.   This group of dedicated servants not only includes emergency and medical care providers, but also grocers, delivery drivers, and innumerable others that help insure the continuity of our daily lives.   On behalf of Creative, I want to thank all of the brave, selfless first responders in our community.  We would not be here today if it were not for your efforts.  We hold you up – know that we’re all watching in awe, praying for your safety and wisdom, and helping you in any way we can.

As we pivot to the next phase in our recovery, it’s time to focus our gratitude on our second responders.  There are many people who are and will be a part of this vital group, but one is near and dear to the heart of Creative:  the architecture and design community.  This group of talented, creative individuals is already hard at work, digging through insights and research, developing a clear and healthy path forward for our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, stores, and places of worship.  The decisions they make will have an incredible impact on our daily lives.  From materials that fight off viruses, to planning that keeps us at a safe distance, to features that encourage healthy choices, architects and interior designers have a profound opportunity to shape our path forward.

We’re at an incredible crossroads.  Never before has our mission – to advance the way people live, learn and work – been more in focus.  We stand shoulder-to-shoulder by our first and second responders in this journey forward.  We’re very proud to support you with incredible science-based resources and insights from industry leaders like Steelcase (  Please accept our gratitude, and know that we are here to help you make the world a better, healthier, and happier place.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.