We love activating learning spaces with unique, forward-leaning furniture solutions. When Moseley Architects reached out to learn more about our Faculty Office Research, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with them and the faculty leadership at ODU Chemistry to forge a path forward for their amazing New Chemistry Building in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Moseley, Steelcase and Creative co-facilitated an interactive faculty office workshop for ODU Chemistry Faculty leadership. This experience was designed to highlight new design principles for faculty spaces and help faculty members create their ideal “concept office” in real time. Creative and Steelcase developed a simple kit of parts that could be used in a variety of configurations to support the range of preferences and styles uncovered in the workshop. Then, our team provided renderings that helped the faculty visualize and understand the range of options available. 

Additionally, our team collaborated with Moseley to extend the building’s brand and graphics package into the furniture applications. In the graduate student work areas, DesignTex Bespoke Surface Imaging was used to add affordable, high-impact graphic elements to the Steelcase FrameOne benching system.   

We are so gracious and proud to be a part of this amazing project. Thank you ODU and Moseley Architects for inviting us to be a part of your team.